Powershell: Getting monitor info

Today I got a request from a colleague of mine that was doing inventory: What are the make, model, serial number and purchase date of your monitors?

Seeing as this wasn’t something I had readily in my head I had to figure it out, but being the automation enthusiast that I am, I refused to bend over my monitors and snap a photo of it all. I wanted to find it a cooler way, the powershell way Smilie: :)

This information is stored in WMI, so all I had to do was to grab it using Get-WmiObject and then format it rather nicely for him.

The powershell script I came up with isn’t my most beautiful work, but here it is:

$progress = 1
foreach ($monitor in (Get-WmiObject WmiMonitorID -Namespace root\wmi)) {
    Write-Host "Monitor #$($progress):" -ForegroundColor Green
    Write-Host "Manufactur: $(($monitor.ManufacturerName | ForEach-Object {[char]$_}) -join '')"
    Write-Host "PN: " ($($monitor.UserFriendlyName | ForEach-Object {[char]$_}) -join '')
    Write-Host "SN: " ($($monitor.SerialNumberID | ForEach-Object {[char]$_}) -join '')
    Write-Host "WeekOfManufacture: $($monitor.WeekOfManufacture)"
    Write-Host "YearOfManufacture: $($monitor.YearOfManufacture)"
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