Using remote desktop over an ssh tunnel

This is kinda the nerdy way of remoting a pc on a remote network. Usually a vpn connection would be preffered, but in my case I don’t want to forward the rdp port of security reasons.

Lets use my setup as an example:
At home I have a server running Debian linux, I also have several windows pc’s ┬áthat I want to be able to use remote desktop to. Since I have already forwarded the ssh port (22) to my Debian server I figured I could use it as a jumpstation.

The way I solved this is somewhat similar to the PuTTY proxy trick guide that I posted earlier.

Fire up PuTTY, enter the hostname or ip-adress of your remote network. Then navigate to Connection–>SSH–>Tunnels

In the Source port field, type and in the Destination field type the internal ip of the pc you want to remote followed by :3389, e.g.

Connect and log on. Then fire up remote desktop.

In the remote desktop window you now need to type and connect.

All done!

Note: You don’t have to have a linux server running at home to do this, any device running an ssh server will do. For example if you only have windows devices, you can use MobaSSH

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