Motivational Powershell function

If you are ever in need of some motivation, here is a very simple Powershell function for that:

function Motivate-Me
 $motivator = Get-Random -Minimum 1 -Maximum 5
 if ($motivator -eq 1)
 {Write-Host "You are a Powershell God!"}
 if ($motivator -eq 2)
 {Write-Host "You rule dude!"}
 if ($motivator -eq 3)
 {Write-Host "I wish I could errorhandle like you"}
 if ($motivator -eq 4)
 {Write-Host "I am nothing compared to you"}
 if ($motivator -eq 5)
 {Write-Host "Are you sure you intirely human? 'cause you seem to cool to be real"}
 Show som motivational words on the screen
 This function will print some motivational words on the screen
 Show som motivational words on the screen

Now all you need to do is write Motivate-Me in the powershell window to receive some inspirational words Smilie: :)

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