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I started this blog just for fun and meant to use it as a personal blog type, posting all sort of things that people usually post on a blog.

That has changed a bit and I decided to use it more like a guide storage. I post guides and things here I know will have a use for later on. After all, I tend to forget how i do stuff from time to time. If you have use for some of the guides or other stuff here, thats just a bonus for me Smilie: :)

And for the record: the hostname cloud.kemta.net is based on a character from Final Fantasy VII, nothing related to cloud computing Smilie: :P


I am in my late-twenties, living in Norway. Been an it-professional since 2003 and I am currently working as a Senior Engineer at a hosting provider.
During the years I have been working with a variety of technologies and had a lot of different responsibilities. From being a simple support monkey to designing a data center, from being a network administrator to a server administrator.
I have mostly worked in environments with only Microsoft products, but I have also worked a little on Linux servers.

Because of the variety I have had I feel I have a basic knowledge of just about anything. I like to think of myself as experienced, though I am still somewhat young.

Follow me on Twitter: @nerenther
See my Microsoft profile page: https://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com/VBCServer/nerenther/profile

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